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SLC short study "EURO Barometer" at a new high: Insights on the anticipation of the UEFA EURO 2024

  • Anticipation for the home EURO has risen steadily since October
  • The home EURO as an opportunity to meet up with friends
  • Semi-final: Around a third of fans trust the DFB team to make it

UEFA EURO 2024 begins in 30 days, an event that soccer fans throughout Germany and Europe are eagerly awaiting. Despite mixed expectations regarding the sporting performance of the German national team, the current "EURO Barometer", the latest study by SLC Management, shows that the general mood and anticipation for the tournament are remarkably high


SLC short study on sustainability in the Bundesliga: "Insights for assessing the sustainability of clubs"

  • How do the Bundesliga clubs' commitments to sustainability differ?
  • What type of sustainable commitment is most important to fans?
  • How do fans rate the clubs' commitments?

SLC studies reveal: More than 20 million euros in regional economic effects for the city of Duisburg from two major sporting events

"The studies are an incentive for us to bring more major events to Duisburg," says Uwe Kluge (Managing Director of Duisburg Kontor) about the studies by SLC Management on the regional economic effects of major sporting events for the city of Duisburg. The studies show regional economic effects of more than 20 million euros for both major events - around 6.3 million euros for the Canoe World Championships on the regatta course last August and almost 14 million euros for the European League of Football final between Stuttgart Surge and Rhein Fire in September 2023 in the sold-out Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena.



As a presenting partner of the Sportplatzwelt LIVE Congress, SLC Management once again gave the opening presentation this year entitled "Infrastructure & Finance: Creating room for scope. From feasibility studies for infrastructure projects, regional economic effects of a club and pre-controlling/needs analyses for investment considerations and project plans to the topic of sponsoring - the speakers took the congress participants on a journey through modern, fact-based club management.


MUST-HAVE progress study for jersey sleeve sponsors! The jersey sleeve study Ed.7 by SLC - now available in the Insight Store!

The 7th edition of the Shirt Sleeve Study by SLC provides clubs and sponsors with valuable insights into how to make the most of the potential of shirt sleeve sponsorship. The generally high and constant acceptance of sponsorship, the low disruption factor among fans and the influence of sponsors' involvement on fans' purchasing behavior are just some of the many key findings of this study. These and many other findings of the study support jersey sleeve sponsors or companies that would like to become jersey sleeve sponsors in making the right decision regarding the right commitment and optimal activation.


Mobility as a sustainability factor - Exclusive SLC survey on the arrival and departure behavior of fans of the four major German sports leagues

Which means of transport are used and how often? Why are these used and not others? And what can clubs and venues do to make travel to and from the event more pleasant and sustainable for fans?

SLC got to the bottom of these questions in the unique, representative sports panels. The result is a detailed mobility analysis of the four major sports leagues with publication in the trade magazine Stadionwelt. A total of almost 10,000 fans and customers of the German professional leagues easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), PENNY Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL), LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga (HBL) and the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga in soccer were surveyed. For the study, online surveys were conducted in Germany's only representative sports panels with registered participants.

Specifically, the respondents were asked how they rated the transport situation at their respective clubs and leagues and how easily accessible the venues are by the respective means of transport. It was noticeable that the transport infrastructure at the clubs of the indoor sports was rated better in most areas than in the two soccer leagues. One reason for this is certainly the lower capacity of the venues, which means that there are significantly fewer people traveling around them.

Across-league, the accessibility of the venue by car was rated best with an average score of 1.87 - public transport options received a school grade of 2.13.

Finally, this also means that the car (combustion engine) is still the most frequently used means of transport for getting to and from the stadium, with 61.2% of fans across all leagues public transport comes in second place with 21.4%. Here, too, there is a major difference between the indoor leagues and soccer. While in the soccer leagues only just over half (53.2%) travel by car, in the indoor leagues the figure is between 63.5% (BBL and HBL) and 64.7% (DEL). These results provide important insights for the clubs, particularly from a sustainability perspective because the introduction of sustainability criteria for licensing has brought this topic even more into focus.
[Click on graphic to enlarge]

"The results provide indications of the general behavior of the respective fans. However, in order to draw the right conclusions for the respective club and its sustainability strategy, it is advisable to look at the individual results in detail, as they usually vary depending on the club and region," says Maximilian Madeja, Managing Director of SLC Management.
If you need more information about the study, contact us, we can provide the data individually for you.

Individual mobility analysis for you

If you would also like an individual mobility analysis or a sustainability study, this can be realized quickly and easily via our unique Bundesliga and Clubpanel. We can create a tailor-made sustainability concept for you, incorporating not only the extensive data material but also our many years of expertise from consulting in the sports and industry sector.

You are welcome to select a suitable appointment on our appointments page.

Publications of the study:

Link: Study on the arrival and departure behavior of fans - Stadionwelt

Download the PDF file: Fans' arrival/departure behavior

For more information, please contact us at any time

Jens Jaschinski

Director Consultancy,


Phone: +49 (0) 911 - 54 81 830

An economic factor with potential: The SLC study on the regional economic effects for Rot-Weiss Essen

"The club is a major economic factor for the city of Essen with potential for a further significant increase" - that was the quintessence of the study by SLC Management on the regional economic effects for Rot-Weiss Essen (RWE). Alfons Madeja (Managing Director of SLC Management) together with Marcus Uhlig (CEO of RWE) presented the remarkable results of the study at a press conference in the stadium on Hafenstraße. The study revealed that Rot-Weiss Essen, as a third division club, currently generates more than 48 million euros in regional economic effects for Essen and the region every year.


FC Bayern Munich sets new standards: Awarded the "Verified Service Quality - Sports" certificate

Munich, February 24, 2024 - FC Bayern Munich has reached a significant milestone in improving the fan experience by receiving the globally unique "Verified Service Quality - Sport" certificate from SLC Management in cooperation with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. This award, which was presented on the sidelines of the Bundesliga home game against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena, underlines the club's commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction on match day.


SLC Insights on sports betting sponsorship | 70.2% of fans want a ban

For years, the involvement of betting providers and online casinos in sport, and in the Bundesliga in particular, has been the subject of debate and controversy, because: gambling addiction is a major issue in Germany - many people are affected or at risk of it. And yet most Bundesliga soccer clubs have a partner from the gambling industry. The betting and gambling industry is therefore one of the biggest sponsors in the Bundesliga.
Against this background and the developments this season,

SLC has addressed this issue and surveyed more than 5,600 soccer fans in Germany's only representative Bundesliga panel with registered participants from all clubs.


"The role reversal - this is the German EURO mood " // SLC Insights in the FAZ

In less than 4 months, the UEFA EURO 2024 starts in Germany. However, a recent representative survey of 6,159 soccer fans conducted by SLC Management shows that for German fans, the success of the EURO is no longer inextricably linked to the success of the German national team. The results of this study, which reveals a slightly different perspective on the mood in Germany for the European Championships, were picked up and published by the "Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung" newspaper.


Amateur and popular sports // Know your value. Use your value. Stable income through sponsorship.

Sponsorship revenue plays an important role for amateur and grassroots sports clubs to be financially successful and not solely dependent on membership fees. However, many clubs do not know how to use sponsorship effectively or how to build long-term relationships with sponsors. Questions such as "How do I find sponsors? What do I have to offer in terms of value? How do I show sponsors the success of their commitment?" often remain unanswered. SLC has developed the "Smart Sponsorship Management SSM©" program to provide clubs with these important answers in relation to sponsorship.


"Infrastructure & finances: creating room for maneuver" // SLC keynote speech at the Sportplatzwelt LIVE Congress

Amateur and popular sports face the challenge of always providing a modern, attractive offering. However, scarce resources restrict the scope for action and require a target-oriented decision-making basis to secure investments. At the "Sportplatzwelt LIVE-Kongress presented by SLC Management", the experts from SLC will show how data-based feasibility analyses create the basis for successful project implementation and how target-oriented sponsoring and efficient marketing contribute to refinancing.


#InstantInsights - Road to Fan 2024 - How people become fans

Fans are the central and most important asset for clubs, as most of the clubs' campaigns and measures are aimed at them and the clubs' revenue is therefore largely directly dependent on the fans. It is therefore essential for clubs to know their most important target group in order to serve them perfectly. But where does the "fan journey" begin, how does a person become a fan? SLC Management has addressed this issue and surveyed Bundesliga fans in Germany's only representative panel with registered participants.



"Because a like doesn't make you popular"

  • Study reveals parameters for economic success and popularity of a club
  • High budget and sporting success not necessarily responsible for popularity
  • Attractiveness, platform quality, value and popularity of the club as influencing factors in sponsor commitment

SLC Management once again presenting partner of the Sportplatzwelt LIVE Congress

SLC Management will continue to support Sportplatzwelt as a presenting partner of Sportplatzwelt LIVE in the coming year. "As the topic of amateur sports is not only our daily work, but also a matter close to our hearts and we want to promote the exchange between clubs in the best possible way, it was clear to us from the outset that we would definitely want to support such a live event again as the perfect complement to the online format, especially after our positive experience last year," says Maximilian Madeja (Managing Director of SLC Management).


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