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FC Bayern Munich sets new standards: Awarded the "Verified Service Quality - Sports" certificate

Munich, February 24, 2024 - FC Bayern Munich has reached a significant milestone in improving the fan experience by receiving the globally unique "Verified Service Quality - Sport" certificate from SLC Management in cooperation with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. This award, which was presented on the sidelines of the Bundesliga home game against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena, underlines the club's commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction on match day.


SLC Management cooperates with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS to optimize service quality and fan experience in sports, leisure, culture and entertainment

In a recent initiative, SLC Management and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS announced their collaboration to enhance and optimize the stadium visitor experience. This partnership combines the industry-leading expertise of both companies to meet and exceed fan expectations and needs. The combination of SLC's data-driven research and consultancy and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS' commitment to quality promises to take the fan experience to a new level.


The Perfect Matchday Experience // The Fan Experience Analysis by SLC Management

As part of the professional and sustainable development of professional clubs, the development of the club's infrastructure must be driven forward in addition to sports. Stadium operations play a special role here, because a professional club with its "stadium attendance" product is in constant competition with other leisure & entertainment offerings. Optimizing the stadium experience for fans is directly reflected in customer satisfaction and revenue potential, among other things. These potentials are outlined with the target group-oriented fan experience analysis by SLC, which gives the club a competitive advantage over alternative leisure & entertainment offers.



Tracking the DNA - popularity from a unique perspective

The abstract term "popularity" is often limited to the emotional level or merely broken down to the simple question of likeability. But the popularity of Bundesliga clubs is expressed in many different criteria and is associated with far-reaching monetary effects.
For this reason, SLC Management has once again taken on the task of compiling the annual popularity study and answering the following questions:
  • Which Bundesliga soccer club is the most popular and why?
  • What makes a club popular in the first place?
  • How do the 18 clubs in the 2021/22 Bundesliga season perform in terms of these criteria?

EPS ARENA SUMMIT 2022 | Round-Up of the SLC Forums with exciting insights on the topics "Feasibility" and "Digitalization"

Every year, the stadium and arena industry gathered again at the eps ARENA SUMMIT 2022, which took place on 27/28 September 2022 in the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, and SLC Management was even represented with two forums this time. The program of the industry meeting, organized by Stadionwelt, ESB Marketing Netzwerk and Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH, had it all this year: Around 15 forums with over 60 speakers covered all currently relevant topics.


SLC at the eps Arena Summit with two forums of its own

The time has come again: The eps ARENA SUMMIT 2022 is just around the corner. On September 27/28, 2022, the stadium and arena business will once again gather at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt am Main and SLC Management will once again be right in the middle of it!

>> Our Forums: Day 1: "Data-based feasibility analysis - in the end it's the customer that counts"

Day 2: "Fact-based Profiling: Back to the Future - How Digital and Innovative Can the Fan Experience in Stadiums and Arenas Be?


Italian handball record champion "Pallamano Trieste" trusts in the expertise of SLC Management

With the implementation of the Club-Information-System CIS©, Pallamano Trieste is now another top club that decides to rely on the expertise of SLC Management GmbH and a deep fan involvement for future strategic decisions. SLC Management is pleased to support Pallamano Trieste on their way to professionalization, to help the handball club to become more solid in the future and thus, to make its contribution to the further development of professional sports in Italy.


Car beats public transport: The #study on transport infrastructure in the Bundesliga

As part of its data intelligence partnership with Stadionwelt, SLC Management took a close look at the Bundesliga's transport infrastructure for the second time for the current issue of Stadionwelt INSIDE 5/2021.



Which club in the Bundesliga is the most popular and why? Which criteria are decisive? How do the 18 clubs in the 2020/21 Bundesliga season perform in terms of these criteria? These questions are answered by SLC Management's 2021 popularity study under the impression of the Corona Pandemic. The result is a holistic analysis of the popularity construct that is relevant for the entire soccer market.


Italian volleyball powerhouse “Modena Volley” teams up with SLC Management

With the implementation of the Club-Information-System CIS©, Modena Volley is now another top club that decides to rely on the expertise of SLC Management GmbH and a deep fan involvement for future strategic decisions. SLC Management is pleased to support Modena Volley in its next professionalization step and to make its contribution to the further development of professional sports in Italy.


Exclusive survey data on the current crisis in the anniversary show in SPORT1 Doppelpass

In the anniversary edition of the 1000th Doppelpass at SPORT1, the 26th matchday was actually supposed to be discussed and the 1000th edition of Doppelpass was to be celebrated together with the live audience. The current corona situation, however, ensured - without a long lead time - that Bundesliga operations were paused for the time being and all events and crowds of people were rightly stopped. On the same weekend of the planned 26th matchday of soccer in Germany, the DFL responded quickly to the decision of the DFL and was always up-to-date.


SLC Managing Director Professor Madeja exclusively guest at Sport1 News

Right in the middle instead of just being there - last week, SLC Management in the person of Managing Director Prof. Dr. Alfons Madeja was a guest on the Sport1 channel and exclusive live guest on its Sport1 News program. Thematic focus: the use of pyrotechnics in the Bundesliga and the opinion of the fans. As a long-standing expert and opinion researcher in the Bundesliga environment, Professor Madeja presented the fans' views on the much-discussed topic of pyrotechnics - based on representative opinion data collected by the station itself.


DFL & Bundesliga - New Year reception #Anstoss2020

This annual kick-off event to start the new year for German professional football grew to become a tradition: On the 14th of January 2020, the German Football League (DFL) invited selected guests to its New Year's reception for the 13th time under the motto #Anstoss2020. Among those special guests from the inner circle of the German football business: SLC Management.


Fan Experience: Sauberkeit wichtiger als WLAN

Die SLC Management GmbH hat gemeinsam mit der Stadionwelt bei den Fans der Bundesliga, BBL, DEL und HBL nachgefragt, was den Fans wirklich wichtig im Hinblick auf eine Fan Experience ist. Im Rahmen der Befragung unter 11.000 Fans und Sympathisanten von Clubs aus der Fußball Bundesliga sowie der Deutschen Eishockey Liga, der easycredit Basketball Bundesliga und der LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga wurden den wichtigsten Kriterien bei der Fan Experience auf die Spur gegangen.


SLC Management neuer, exklusiver Data Intelligence Partner von Stadionwelt

Die SLC Management GmbH ist neuer Data Intelligence Partner von Stadionwelt. Gemeinsam mit dem Nürnberger Beratungsunternehmen wird Stadionwelt sich zukünftig spannenden datenbasierten Themen aus der Branche widmen und exklusiv für die Leser aufbereiten.


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