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MUST-HAVE progress study for jersey sleeve sponsors! The jersey sleeve study Ed.7 by SLC - now available in the Insight Store!

The 7th edition of the Shirt Sleeve Study by SLC provides clubs and sponsors with valuable insights into how to make the most of the potential of shirt sleeve sponsorship. The generally high and constant acceptance of sponsorship, the low disruption factor among fans and the influence of sponsors' involvement on fans' purchasing behavior are just some of the many key findings of this study. These and many other findings of the study support jersey sleeve sponsors or companies that would like to become jersey sleeve sponsors in making the right decision regarding the right commitment and optimal activation.


SLC Insights on sports betting sponsorship | 70.2% of fans want a ban

For years, the involvement of betting providers and online casinos in sport, and in the Bundesliga in particular, has been the subject of debate and controversy, because: gambling addiction is a major issue in Germany - many people are affected or at risk of it. And yet most Bundesliga soccer clubs have a partner from the gambling industry. The betting and gambling industry is therefore one of the biggest sponsors in the Bundesliga.
Against this background and the developments this season,

SLC has addressed this issue and surveyed more than 5,600 soccer fans in Germany's only representative Bundesliga panel with registered participants from all clubs.


Amateur and popular sports // Know your value. Use your value. Stable income through sponsorship.

Sponsorship revenue plays an important role for amateur and grassroots sports clubs to be financially successful and not solely dependent on membership fees. However, many clubs do not know how to use sponsorship effectively or how to build long-term relationships with sponsors. Questions such as "How do I find sponsors? What do I have to offer in terms of value? How do I show sponsors the success of their commitment?" often remain unanswered. SLC has developed the "Smart Sponsorship Management SSM©" program to provide clubs with these important answers in relation to sponsorship.


Sportplatzwelt Online Congress // Round-up for the SLC Forum "The 5 Questions for successful sponsorship"

Membership fees cannot be increased indefinitely, funding pots are usually quickly exhausted, sports facilities for course income are not available indefinitely - this is where the great opportunity for additional income through sponsorship comes into play. What is sponsorship? What goals do sponsors have? What potential does my club have and what is it worth? How can I monetize them? At the 7th Sportplatzwelt Online Congress, the club consultants from SLC Management showed how small and large clubs in amateur sports can benefit from sponsorship.


SPORTPLATZWELT LIVE CONGRESS presented by SLC Management // Round-Up to the SLC presentation "Are you still stagnating - or are you already monetizing?"

On the 23rd of May 2023, the first edition of Sportplatzwelt LIVE Congress presented by SLC Management took place at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne.

As presenting partner, SLC Management took over the opening lecture of the amateur sports congress with the title "Are you still stagnating - or are you already monetizing?"


"Sponsoring: Not my beer, or is it?" - Sponsoring lecture at the association "Die Freien Brauer"

SLC Management has decades of expertise in sponsorship from a wide variety of perspectives. It is hard to imagine sports sponsorship without the beverage industry and breweries. It therefore seems a "perfect fit" that Maximilian Madeja, Managing Director of SLC Management, was invited by the association "Die Freien Brauer" to the "FORUM Marketing" in mid-March to present new mechanisms and perspectives in sports sponsoring to the marketing and managing directors of the breweries.



On March 8, 2023, the sixth edition of the Sportplatzwelt Online Congress by Stadionwelt took place. With the Sportplatzwelt Online Congress, the specialist medium Stadionwelt has established itself as the platform in amateur and mass sports and offers clubs the opportunity to come together across associations and throughout Germany. At this year's edition, SLC Management presented the practice-oriented forum "Modern Structures with a Sustainable Effect" with an on-site session.


Sportplatzwelt Online Congress // Round-Up to the SLC Forum "Change Management in Sports Clubs"

On 09 November 2022, the fifth edition of the Sportplatzwelt Online Congress by Stadionwelt took place. With the Sportplatzwelt Online-Kongress, the established trade medium Stadionwelt offers the industry a new platform for knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of amateur and popular sports and for municipal sports administrations. This year, SLC Management was again represented as a partner with a practice-oriented forum on the topic of "From crisis management to sustainable change management - the only constant is change".


​SLC Management partners new Bundesliga commercialization report by SPONSORs

We are proud and excited to be partner of the 2022 report on the Bundesliga commercialization published by the prestigious sports business magazine SPONSORs. The study includes plenty of valuable insights into the sponsoring KPIs of Germany’s top tier.

SLC Management offers outstanding expertise along your sponsorship journey! We create concepts for both parties and measure the sustainable success through transparency and controlling.


MUST-HAVE study for jersey sleeve sponsors! - The jersey sleeve study by SLC is available now!

Since the 2017/18 season, all clubs in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga have been allowed to independently market the advertising space on the left sleeve of their jerseys and present it during Bundesliga matches. As this marketing product was a novelty for all stakeholders at the time and it is still a marketing space that has not been fully explored today, this empirical study and qualitative analysis aims to assess the benefits and impact of the engagement on the target group in order to better understand the associated new lucrative opportunities and potential for clubs and sponsors.


Italian handball record champion "Pallamano Trieste" trusts in the expertise of SLC Management

With the implementation of the Club-Information-System CIS©, Pallamano Trieste is now another top club that decides to rely on the expertise of SLC Management GmbH and a deep fan involvement for future strategic decisions. SLC Management is pleased to support Pallamano Trieste on their way to professionalization, to help the handball club to become more solid in the future and thus, to make its contribution to the further development of professional sports in Italy.


Professional sponsorship management as a financing instrument

The topic of sponsorship - especially in sports - is no longer a novelty these days, but this does not mean that its potential is also being exploited accordingly by amateur and grassroots sports clubs. A contribution by Prof. Alfons Madeja and Maximilian Madeja from SLC Management.


Sportplatzwelt Online Congress by Stadionwelt // Round-Up SLC Forum "Modern club management - the current crisis as an opportunity

On September 30th, the Sportplatzwelt Online-Kongress by Stadionwelt took place for the first time, where SLC Management was able to welcome top-class speakers in its own forum. With the Sportplatzwelt Online-Kongress, the established trade medium Stadionwelt offers the industry a new platform for knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of municipal sports facilities and club management. In addition to Max Müller, Olympic field hockey champion, member of the supervisory board of 1.FCN and spokesman for sports policy of the city of Nuremberg, Veit Hesse, managing director of MTV Munich and Andreas Neugebauer, board member of Post SV Nuremberg, were guests at the forum "Modern club management - the current crisis as an opportunity".


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