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FC Bayern Munich sets new standards: Awarded the "Verified Service Quality - Sports" certificate

Munich, February 24, 2024 - FC Bayern Munich has reached a significant milestone in improving the fan experience by receiving the globally unique "Verified Service Quality - Sport" certificate from SLC Management in cooperation with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. This award, which was presented on the sidelines of the Bundesliga home game against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena, underlines the club's commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction on match day.


SLC Management cooperates with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS to optimize service quality and fan experience in sports, leisure, culture and entertainment

In a recent initiative, SLC Management and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS announced their collaboration to enhance and optimize the stadium visitor experience. This partnership combines the industry-leading expertise of both companies to meet and exceed fan expectations and needs. The combination of SLC's data-driven research and consultancy and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS' commitment to quality promises to take the fan experience to a new level.



Runner-up in the league table - but champion with the fans: For the first time in 11 years, Borussia Dortmund is in first place in the Bundesliga Barometer - Germany's most important Bundesliga instrument for customer satisfaction and quality management.

The Bundesliga Barometer by SLC Management was surveyed for the 20th time under the direction of Prof. Dr. Alfons Madeja (inventor of the Bundesliga Barometer).

The Perfect Matchday Experience // The Fan Experience Analysis by SLC Management

As part of the professional and sustainable development of professional clubs, the development of the club's infrastructure must be driven forward in addition to sports. Stadium operations play a special role here, because a professional club with its "stadium attendance" product is in constant competition with other leisure & entertainment offerings. Optimizing the stadium experience for fans is directly reflected in customer satisfaction and revenue potential, among other things. These potentials are outlined with the target group-oriented fan experience analysis by SLC, which gives the club a competitive advantage over alternative leisure & entertainment offers.


Service quality sports with back-to-business monitoring: expanded certification offering

For a safe and responsible restart, SLC Management, together with TÜV Rheinland, has developed an extended certification offer "Back-to-Business Monitoring" especially for the sports event market.


The Bundesliga Barometer 2020/21 goes to... FC Bayern Munich! First place for the record champion in Germany's most important Bundesliga customer satisfaction survey

FC Bayern not only secured the German championship title again last season, but also the title of "champion" of the Bundesliga Barometer for the 8th time overall. As on the pitch, FC Bayern Munich defended its title with an overall score of 1.85 and was even able to improve on the previous year (score last year: 1.96). Since 2007, SPORT BILD has published the results of the Bundesliga Barometer, the largest and oldest customer satisfaction survey among fans. The survey was conducted for the 18th time by Prof. Dr. Madeja from Nuremberg, inventor of the Bundesliga Barometer.


SLC Management reaches new strategic cooperation in China

Recently, SLC Management GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “SLC Management”), Guangzhou Gongming Sports Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GM Sports”) and TÜV Rheinland Greater China (hereinafter referred to as “TÜV Rheinland”) reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The three parties will provide professional customized services - among others - in the areas of consulting, conception, training and service quality analysis and certification to various stakeholders of the Chinese football and sports market ranging from educational and public institutions to professional and amateur sports clubs. These services are enriched with international technical expertise of the three parties and specifically designed to the Chinese market.


The Bundesliga Barometer 2019/2020 - FC Bayern again secures first place in Germany's most important Bundesliga customer satisfaction survey

For the 13th time, Sport Bild published the Bundesliga Barometer by Prof.Dr.Madeja from Nuremberg. The results are presented again this year by TÜV Rheinland. The fans awarded marks in eight main categories and 21 different individual criteria for the service quality and satisfaction of their own club. The Bundesliga Barometer therefore offers Bundesliga clubs unique insights into their most important target group - the fans.


Sportplatzwelt Online Congress by Stadionwelt // Round-Up SLC Forum "Modern club management - the current crisis as an opportunity

On September 30th, the Sportplatzwelt Online-Kongress by Stadionwelt took place for the first time, where SLC Management was able to welcome top-class speakers in its own forum. With the Sportplatzwelt Online-Kongress, the established trade medium Stadionwelt offers the industry a new platform for knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of municipal sports facilities and club management. In addition to Max Müller, Olympic field hockey champion, member of the supervisory board of 1.FCN and spokesman for sports policy of the city of Nuremberg, Veit Hesse, managing director of MTV Munich and Andreas Neugebauer, board member of Post SV Nuremberg, were guests at the forum "Modern club management - the current crisis as an opportunity".


#SPOBIS20 - SLC Management & TÜV Rheinland attend Europe's biggest sports business congress

From the 29th to 30th of January, Europe's largest sports business event, the SPOBIS, took place in Düsseldorf. With over 3,500 participants, the majority being decision makers from key players in the European football business, more than 80 hours of program and 175 speakers, SPOBIS is the event in the European sports business calendar. Right in the middle of it, SLC Management again showing a strong presence with its own stand on the topic "Fact-based Monitoring in the international Sports-Eco-System" together with TÜV Rheinland.


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